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Our Story

The Hound Association was founded in 1961 when The Viscount Chelmsford (an exhibitor of Beagles) and a number hound enthusiasts came together to consider the formation of a club or association devoted to breeds from the Hound Group. The concept was the brainchild of the Viscount Chelmsford and a meeting was held at The Kennel Club on the 26 October 1961 to discuss the feasibility.


Present at that meeting was the Viscount Chelmsford, Mesdames Hartley, Hoxey, Jones (Whippet Club), Lewis (Midland Whippet Club), Whitwell (Greyhound Club & North Counties Whippet Association), Messrs Appleton, Gale, Home, Ford (Staffordshire Agricultural Society), Kershaw ( Northern Afghan Hound Society), McKie (Staffordshire Agricultural Society, Petford (Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Great Britain) and Sayer (Borzoi Club).


From this gathering it was agreed to form The Hound Association and a provisional committee was appointed from those present. Viscount Chelmsford – Chairman; Douglas Appleton – secretary with his wife Carol as assistant secretary. Mr Gale – Treasurer, Mesdames Hartley, Gale, Mrs Whitwell, Messrs Home, McDonald and Sayer formed the remainder of the committee.


The first official meeting was held at The Kennel Club on 5 December 1961 when part of the constitution was formulated. A further meeting held on the 12 March 1962 completed this task. Formal application for registration and for Championship Status was then made in that year to the Kennel Club.


The first General Meeting of the Association was held on 30 May 1962. The Association was recognised by the Kennel Club later that year. Championship Status was granted for 1963 and the first show held at Alexandra Palace. The following breeds were approved for Challenge Certificates: - Basset Hounds, Beagles, Dachshunds (L.H., S.H. and M.S.H), Rhodesian Ridgeback and Whippets. The Bloodhound Club and Borzoi Club sought permission to hold their shows in conjunction with the Hound Association.


Staffordshire Agricultural Society had offered the Hound Association the opportunity to hold their show in conjunction with the County Agricultural Show. There have only been three venues where the Championship Show has been staged since the Association was formed - Alexandra Palace, Royal Show Ground at Stoneleigh and the present venue at the County Showground, Stafford.

In Memorium

Pam Wild

There are some special people amongst us, in the dog world today, whose contribution appears to go unnoticed because of the quiet manner in which they lead their lives. Some cannot attend dog shows as they wold like too, therefore ,do not amass impressive show records, and the subsequent publicity that they might have, if things had been different throughout their years as a Borzoi fancier.

      A number of you reading this, will not know Pam, well why would you?  Pam, even in her early days didn’t show very much, didn’t make up a champion, didn’t breed a litter, didn’t own a Prefix. Pam was at her happiest just living with her Borzoi who she regarded as her family. 

     Although Pam was an excellent student at Primary and Grammar school she decided in 1964 not to go to University but to study Accountancy. She qualified five years later. In 1971 she married Barry Wild. It was an abusive marriage and they were divorced in 1978. Not wanting to return home she purchased a two bedroom double story house with a very large garage, that never saw a car,  but made a comfortable day kennel, in Mickleover, Derby.  27 Ingham Drive became her forever home. 

     I first met Pam in 1974 when I moved from my home In Suffolk to Staffordshire. Not long after I had a call from Avis Charles, Dappleheath Borzoi , to go and have coffee and to meet another Borzoi owner. Pam had bought her first two Borzoi from Avis, Dappleheath Bianca, white and black, and Dappleheath Black Pearl, a self black litter sister. Born in 1974 they were both at the hooligan stage. Being a responsible owner of Borzoi , she joined the Borzoi Club in 1974. Avis lived in a large Georgian house on the edge of Uttoxeter race course. The beautiful property was complete with a large selection of stables. It was here that Pam placed four Borzoi needing a home when the Barthill kennels belonging to Mrs Harper had to close due to Mrs Harper age and poor health. She paid Avis to board and care for them for the rest of their lives. 

     In 1979 she started her judging career. Her first appointment was a Limit show at Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire.  She had three classes twelve Borzoi entered making seventeen entries. From her first Limit show in 1979 and open shows until to November 1995 she judged 58 classes 497 entries her largest entries was Northern Borzoi Association Limit show 25 February 1990 , fifteen classes, seventy four Borzoi and one hundred and one entries. In 1995 approval was given for her award CC’s her first championship show was Scottish Kennel Club where she had ten classes thirty Borzoi making thirty five entries. From 1995 to March 2022 she judged 111 classes,  298 Borzoi making entries of 301. As well as judging Sight and Scent hounds at  open show she gave tickets in Basset Fauve de Bretagne.

      In 1992 she was the first foreign judge welcome in the USSR Hunting show for all Hunting Breed of Dogs in Moscow. She has also judged in Australia, South Africa and in October 2015 awarded Green Stars in Southern Ireland. 

     Pam sat on the Borzoi Club committee, was the Treasurer from 2000 to 2004, she was a  Founder member of the Northern Borzoi Association and Treasurer of Northern Borzoi Rescue for some years. In 1998 she took on the role of Treasurer of the Hound Association a position she held until 2015. The Hound Association awarded her Honorary Life Membership for her magnanimous contribution. 

 Pam was a keen Genealogist and had a profound interest in the history of Borzoi  She was a Founder member of the Borzoi Encyclopaedia and submitted over the years twenty articles . 

      In 1992, when the judging of the Russian Military Hunting show had closed , along with Gay Slater, Pat Harris, Jim Clark and Richard Duckworth a pilgrimage organised by 

Anna Mikhalskaya , was undertaken to Perchino,  a few hour’s drive away.  They received a warm welcome. One man told them they hadn’t seen a ‘European’ since the end of their brutal civil war in 1922.  Sadly the famous house we know from the Chadwick Borzoi book was just rubble, the ‘lollipop’ trees either side had grown into massive trees. The kennels were still there so too the food preparation room. This is where the local people were living.  They gathered for a small picnic in a nearby field, the locals bringing as much food as they had. The Borzoi were fed from tins of Chum. Parting must have been of great sorrow

     Pam’s last judging appointment in Russia,  on the 17June 2018 , was for the Russian National Borzoi Club. I don’t know her entry, from photographs it was well supported with some lovely Borzoi. From photographs I saw it seemed to have been a very happy occasion amongst dogs she was passionate about and people who she had a great affection for. 

     In 2013 Pam was diagnosed with lung cancer. The diagnosis was not unexpected, she had been a heavy smoker for many years, nevertheless, it still came as a shock. She was very afraid. She endured the surgery and the Chemo treatment,   the latter was very difficult physically and emotionally and like many others she lost all her hair, her eyebrows and eye lashes. She said the loss of her eye lashes was very difficult as she has to wear glasses all the time. Typical Pam, she survived and persevered and got thru the ordeal and never smoked a cigarette again. 

     The above is testimony to her strength and her quiet way of approaching life. Sadly the cancer returned aggressively in August, this time she refused treatment and sadly died in the Royal Derby hospital the morning of the 5th September. 

     Pam was a woman with high principles, her integrity was very important to her, she wouldn’t tolerate fools and despised disloyalty. 

I am glad to have been a small part of her life.


Barbara Long. 

Robert Greaves

It is with great sadness that the Officers & Committee acknowledge that our friend and colleague Robert Greaves has passed away after a short illness. Robert was a long serving committee member and an efficient and professional Show Manager. He was the best company you could imagine, funny with a warm heart and we are all going to miss him hugely. Our thoughts are with his close friends, we have lost one of the nicest people ever to grace the show world.

As most will know we lost long serving committee member and our good friend Robert Greaves towards the end of last year. The current restrictions meant attendance at his funeral was therefore limited. Long time friend and HA committee member Helen Reaney represented The HA and wrote this touching tribute shortly afterwards.


“The dog world lost a well respected man in the guise of Robert Greaves on the 5th November 2020 after a short illness. He will be missed by so many people both in his personal/work life and the dog world”.


“I attended the funeral on behalf of the Hound Association on Friday 4th December at Gornal Wood Crematorium at 10.30 as per guidelines there were 30 people in attendance. The ceremony was lovely and both Will & Tom gave a beautiful Tribute. The music for the ceremony was What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong and for many the loss of Robert will leave a great void in this world. Prayers were said and as we said goodby to our dear friend Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber played and there was not a dry eye in the house”.


“I am sure that for many there will be a get together when things improve to say a proper goodbye and remember Robert in all our individual ways. Rest In Peace my dear friend”

Shirley Rawlings

It was with great sadness The Hound Association learned of the death of its President Shirley Rawlings. Shirley was an efficient and organised Secretary, a loyal and long serving committee member and our friend. Under her watch Houndshow was a tightly and efficiently run ship both in the build-up and planning and on the day itself. Alongside former Hound Association Chairman Hector Heathcote Shirley as HA secretary was also instrumental in setting up and helping to run and organise the original Hound JDP’s (Judges Development Programme)


Shirley was a Whippet exhibitor and was President of the National Whippet Club. She was also instrumental in the development in the UK of the Basset Fauve De’ Bretagne and very proud of being involved in its transition from the Import Register to CC status. She served on the BFDB committee for 12 years and under her Chyton affix bred litters of strong, healthy Fauves with good steady temperaments.


The Rawlings family arrived back in England in 1964 after living abroad for some years. They built their family home not far from the golf course in Crowborough and moved in in1965.


Shortly after they decided to get a whippet as a family dog and a pretty girl who was pale pink fawn with white trim called Tilly arrived. Tilly was regularly walked on the golf course and it was there Shirley met the late Susan Baird. Susan persuaded Shirley to enter an Exemption Show in Tunbridge Wells where Tilly cleaned up, winning every class. Little did the watching family realise that fateful day would lead to the day when 5 years later Shirley's then 9 year old daughter Sophie would yell "If I lie on my back with my feet in the air will you pay me some attention!" (A long standing family joke after that!)


Shirley bought her foundation bitch from Nev Newton, sight unseen. Nev said "Our Nugget would be perfect for what Shirley wanted”. An odd name Shirley thought but a very excited Shirley rushed out and got everything organised, including getting her collar engraved 'Nugget'. When a very pretty parti-coloured girl turned up Shirley was delighted with her but then she looked at her papers and discovered her new pride and joy was called Nougat of Nevedith! (Shirley spoke fluent French and so definitely pronounced nougat Noogar!) Anyway Nugget she was and she was the foundation of the many years of the successful Chyton line, producing top quality show dogs who could more than hold their own on the track and field as well. Indeed she was justifiably proud of breeding dual champions, successful in both the show ring and coursing field


Shirley always believed the dog should be able to do the job it was bred for and her all round knowledge was shown in her book 'Whippets: an owners companion" which she was commissioned to write in 1991. She was a founder member of the East Sussex Whippet Racing Club, a pastime she enjoyed for many years.


She was a member of the Whippet Coursing Club and the East Anglian Coursing Club, the one doggy pastime Shirley shared with her husband, Breon. She owned the highly successful Coursing champion Maximillian of Chyton who was bred by Caroline Dowsett. He had been sold by Caroline as a puppy but then had to be rescued back after being found in a shed. Caroline asked Shirley to take him while she found him a new home as she had bitches in season. When he arrived he was very withdrawn and frightened so Shirley thought a day’s coursing might cheer him up. He came out of slips like a bullet, making his opponent look like they were standing still. Shirley stepped forward and yelled down the line to Caroline "It's OK! He has found his new home!" Max settled in and became not only one of the greatest ever coursing dogs but also a family favourite. He also sired Breon's Chyton Bonne Chance (who also went back to Nougat on her dams side) and several other champion racing and coursing whippets. Later on Shirley was involved from day one in Lure Coursing and enjoyed this for many years.


Dogs were Shirley's passion, she loved not only the active side of showing and coursing but judging as well and was qualified to judge hounds at group level. Shirley awarded CC’s in multiple hound breeds and judged at Crufts as well as internationally including New Zealand where she judged twice. She was very proud that her last judging appointment (in 2017) was ‘Best in Show’ at Houndshow after which she retired. It was her long time involvement as a committee member and Secretary of The Hound Association of course that she was particularly well known for. Committee members who worked with her during that time recall a hardworking, efficient Secretary, helpful to exhibitors, stewards and judges and always available to give help and advice and of course good company after committee meetings and shows with a glass of wine in our hands. RIP Shirley.

The Hound Association is deeply saddened to learn that our Vice President Bobbie Edwards has passed away. Bobbie was a successful and very knowledgeable Bloodhound breeder, exhibitor and judge over many decades. She was the longest serving Hound Association committee member having joined not long after its inception in 1962 and only stepped down 6 years ago. Bobbie was good company, always up for a laugh with a sharp sense of humour. We send our best wishes to her family and friends at this time and will post further details of her funeral once they are finalised

Bobbie Edwards

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